Project management consultancy in Auckland and Waikato


Intimate project management

We take the long-term view with project management by partnering with our clients. This means we pride ourselves on being an efficient, sleeves-rolled-up business, perfectly placed to become a valuable extension of your organisation.

A key part of our approach is transparent communication which ensures there are no surprises during the journey.

Transparency and efficiency. Always.



Complexity simplified

We thrive on complex and difficult projects others shy away from.

This means we love a challenge. This includes tight time-frames, live trading environments, and complex programmes. We also work well with projects that have cost pressures, difficult engagement, large or complex teams, and demanding governance.

Complexity. Sorted.



Dependable delivery

We understand the importance of your project to your organisation and know the impact it will have. Your success is paramount.

With insight and discipline, we have an obsession with value for money and timeliness. Our focus is high performing outcomes achieved through fully understanding any project’s commercial and operational requirements. This requires clear strategic thinking, insightful risk management, and creative problem solving.

I’s dotted. T’s crossed.


Project Management. Delivered.

We are led by internationally experienced senior professionals. They have highly regarded architectural, engineering and construction backgrounds who understanding what it takes to deliver challenging project management. Let our highly experienced managers formulate the brief and do the work.

We care about the success of your organisation. This means we go the extra mile to fulfil our commitment to you. We strive for the best possible outcome for everyone involved in your project.

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