We are pre, during and post project management specialists. In this realm our services are broad and deep. They can be bundled to suit you perfectly.

We know what to do, how and when.

We provide expertise in:

Development advice

  • Development and commercial advice to secure the success of the venture.
  • Land acquisition, leasing, consenting and the arrangement of legal structuring and project finance. Plan for and deal with land subdivision, amalgamation, survey and legal title issue.
  • Feasibility preparation, interrogation and review.
  • Business case preparation.

Engagement and brief formulation

  • Enterprise leaders and key staff development together with budgets and timelines.
  • Consultation with staff and subject-matter experts to ensure the brief is comprehensive and robust.
  • Communication with staff including unions to ensure full-organisation commitment.


  • Establish the operation of a regular, formal project Board.
  • Reporting and regular communication to the Board and other stakeholders.
  • Orchestrating decision making.
  • Organise and minute regular functional meetings such as those required for design, consenting and construction.


  • Assess the market and provide advice on options, risks and opportunities presented by different procurement approaches.
  • Arrange a selection process, assemble, procure and organise project team members including consultants, technical specialists and at-risk participants.
  • Analyse, assess and interview proposed project teams to be confident that the team and/or contractors have the ability, resources and drive to deliver the project requirements.
  • Prepare for the engagement of construction contractors including establishing conditions of contract, and P&G specifications.
  • Ensure that procurement of consultants, general and trade contractors is market-competitive and complies with applicable procurement rules.

Design management

  • Select and procure team members to work synergistically towards high-performance.
  • Build a project structure, organization and culture to achieve your objectives.
  • Where appropriate, integrate the expertise of preferred contractor(s) into designs.
  • Closely understand your needs and wants, and tailor design solutions to suit you.
  • Support and instill an outcomes-focused culture of creativity.
  • Manage designers and their outputs (in detail) to achieve a minimum of errors and omissions, buildability, value-for-money, functionality, durability, and low operating costs.

Authorities approvals and consenting

  • Strategise, apply for and obtain Resource Consents.
  • Ensure all necessary approvals (Building, Regional Council, road stopping, demolition, earthworks, utility provider and temporary approvals such as Certificates for Public Use) are in place prior to the commencement of demolition or construction.
  • Ensure code compliance certificates are issued.

Planning and programming

  • Establish and manage programmes for design, consents, construction, commissioning and the commencement of business operations including staging and sequencing of work. Develop approaches to minimise time-to-market and business interruption.
  • Regularly manage and adapt the programme with stakeholders to achieve project objectives.

Financial management

  • Establish clear financial success criteria for the project including budgets and provisions for risk.
  • Assess risks and put mitigation strategies in place.
  • Manage expenditure within authorised budgets.
  • Assess and certify supply-chain claims.

Environment, health & safety

  • Match environmental objectives with ESD team-member expertise and 3rd-party validation including Green Star and NABERS certification.
  • Ensure design and construction practices support sustainability targets. Manage certification.
  • Define health and safety standards for incorporation in the project. Manage supplier performance throughout design, consenting and construction to maximise the safety of building workers, the public, building occupants and maintenance crews.
  • Arrange independent health and safety audits throughout  construction to ensure best practice is achieved.

Contract Administration

  • Manage contracts with consultants including the staged commitment and expenditure of fees.
  • Prepare for the management of contractors including roles for quantity surveyor and Engineer to the Construction Contract, along with definition of important communication, approval and instruction processes.
  • Provide Engineer to Construction Contract services, acting as expert advisor  and fairly and impartially administering construction contracts.
  • Provide Engineer’s Representative services to assist the Engineer in the day-to-day administration of construction contracts.
  • Manage final accounting, as-built documentation, warranty delivery and defects rectification processes.

Infrastructure & utilities management

  • Today’s projects frequently involve significant roading and utilities components. Pragmatix is adept at working closely with territorial authorities and utilities organisations to design, obtain approvals for, procure and implement such infrastructure works. Thorough, thoughtful planning combined with construction staging are the keys to maintaining network service and minimising disruption.

Tenancy integration

  • Act as the coordinating and management link between the owner, contractor, design teams and tenant(s).
  • Ensure all necessary information is provided to tenants including design guidelines, council requirements, cost information, health & safety and sustainability documentation.
  • Manage tenancy design approvals, handovers, fit out works, landlord works interfaces and generally coordinate the duties and activities required to allow tenants to trade or occupy their space.

Greenstar Accredited Professional (GSAP)

  • Provide advice on the benefits of NZGBC certification.
  • Work with and manage the design team to ensure targets are met.
  • Prepare the application on behalf of the client.
Building Management

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