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  • Tourism
  • $40m+
  • 242 rooms

Pragmatix is leading the design and construction of a new modular hotel for its overseas-based owner, Cockpit International. Pragmatix services include procuring the design team, project management of the design (for both the modular new-build and interface with the existing hotel), and Engineer to the Contract for the design and construct contract, while working closely with the owner and the operator (Intercontinental Hotels Group).

This 8-storey, 242-room modular hotel will be one of the first of its kind to be built in New Zealand, and Pragmatix is also working closely with Auckland Council, the off-shore modular manufacturer and contractor to achieve a smooth consenting process for off-site modular construction. The new hotel will interface with the existing hotel in the new lobby, requiring careful planning to integrate design, operations and services while maintaining effective operations during construction.

“We are very pleased to be working closely with Pragmatix in this pioneering project. It is the first time for us (and anyone) building a brand-new steel modular hotel in NZ.  It has been challenging on all fronts being the first to attempt a non-traditional development in a foreign country (we are from Singapore). Pragmatix is doing a marvellous job coordinating the efforts and work from consultants and contractors across Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Sydney and Auckland.
We are hopeful that this will prove to be a successful project in a tough market in which to build and develop.”


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