Stride, Seismic Improvements


  • Retail and Office
  • $10m+ 

As a proactive landlord, Stride have engaged Pragmatix to lead a seismic review for many of their assets.  Pragmatix have been tasked with leading the engineering teams to provide solutions that meet all the updated seismic requirements and assessment methods but also take into account their tenants.  

Pragmatix are working closely with the engineers to make sure that the solutions provided are achievable within trading environments.  This tricky rule requires us to constantly evaluate options proposed for their cost, time and impact on all the stakeholders (landlord, tenant, public, council, builder, etc). 

This creates challenges and sometimes difficult conversations but has been a great example of Pragmatix pushing the team to think outside of the norm and come up with solutions that are truly winwin solutions. These works are being carried out throughout the country and therefore regional differences need to be accounted for within our solutions. 

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