Amaia Apartments, Takapuna


  • Residential / Accommodation 
  • $50m+ 
  • 80+ apartments 

This is the first stage of a proposed 5 stage master plan for this unique site at 48 Esmonde Road in Takapuna, Auckland. 

Pragmatix are helping KBS Capital deliver the first 80 apartments on a site that is anticipated to house 5 accommodation towers (4 residential apartments, 1 hotel) inclusive of commercial and retails spaces at ground level. We are providing our extensive project development advice to KBS and the design team to achieve best for project results and ensure that the project is set up not only for success at Stage 1 but for Stages 2 to 5 as well. Overall is it expected that the development will be over $300m +, encompass 5 towers, a new intersection on one of Auckland’s busiest roads, a new public walkway along the waters edge, and significant public amenity and landscaping within the site. 

Pragmatix are acting as Project Manager and the Engineer to the Contract. 

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